LIVE TMW – Milan, Pioli: “Maybe only 5 starters were missing. De Ketelaere? I remember the criticisms of Leao and Tonali”


After the defeat against Chelsea, the Milan will host Juventus in the match valid for the ninth day of the Serie A championship and scheduled for tomorrow at 18:00 at San Siro. Stefano Pioli presents the match in a press conference starting at 12:00: follow all the statements of the Rossoneri coach live with the textual live on TMW.

12:00 | Stefano Pioli’s press conference begins now.

It’s matchday nine and it’s October, but Milan-Juve is one of those matches that crosses the road …
“I believe that within the championship there are 2-3 games that weigh more than three points and tomorrow’s has an important specific weight for the value of the opponents, due to the fact that Juve will fight for the Scudetto” .

Is it better to meet Juve right now?
“It would have been better to play better with Chelsea, but the motivations are there regardless of the opponent. We are all responsible, me in the first place, for Wednesday and there is in us all the desire and determination to do better than how we played at London”.

With De Ketelaere you are using a different path than the other young people in the group: always play.
“Charles’s path is the right and correct one: when a player is talented, intelligent and willing, I think he has a great future. I think he has a great future. I remember the Leao from three years ago, the first year’s Tonali. : many were ready to criticize them and question their qualities. De Ketelaere is a talented player, he needs time and adapt to be more and more decisive. But the path is the right one. “

How’s Theo Hernandez doing?
“If today he confirms the condition of yesterday, he will be available tomorrow”.

Allegri had said: ‘let’s remove 5 starters from Milan and see’ …
“If only it had been 5 … I continue to focus on the group, which is strong. The last match did not satisfy us, but I see a willing and determined group”.

Too many goals conceded?
“A team of our level must make fewer mistakes and less naivety.”

It is written that De Ketelaere is a mystery …
“This is your problem, it’s not my problem. It’s not a mystery to me.”

Did you speak to Cardinal in London?
“No, he wanted the team to be focused. He was certainly not satisfied with the performance.”

How were the kids after London?
“We closed the match with Chelsea immediately and we will reopen it on Sunday morning to understand what to do better. Yesterday the boys were tired, but I saw them eager. It does not mean that tomorrow we will win the game: let’s not forget which team and what goals the team has. Juventus, but we will give it our all. In the Champions League it is clear that we have to level up. We know how to do better things, but we have not succeeded. “

Does the most offensive module have to do with the topic of goals conceded?
“We are a bit more offensive, last year we were playing with a midfielder on the frontline, but it does not depend on that because in many situations we are numerically superior: we have to interpret situations better.”

Injury news?
“There is no news. Only Theo should be back. But I won’t say anything: the other time I said that Origi was playing and then he didn’t play in the evening …”.

Is there an explanation for the many injuries? “
“In all the 5 European championships there has never been such a busy schedule and in all the championships. Muscle injuries have increased by 20% and we are part of this statistic. We are accompanied by great professionals: we will try to do better. “.

Solution for the right outside?
“I didn’t use Krunic as a right winger, I think he played the role that McKennie will do tomorrow night, that is, as a right midfielder.”

Do you expect a very closed Juve tomorrow?
“Usually Juve approaches matches with a high center of gravity well and then drops later. Allegri is very smart, I don’t know whether to believe fully what he said at the conference. We think about our characteristics: tomorrow it will be worth not making mistakes. simple “.

What will be the keys to the game?
“He is a very capable coach. In recent years there have been quite blocked matches, but a lot will depend on our intensity.”

Training news?
“Believe me: I will choose the line-up tomorrow morning. Today I will play all double roles and then I will decide. Giroud is fine mentally and physically. Tomorrow is the most important, but I must not forget that there are others”.

How do you explain Wednesday’s defeat?
“We have data that tell us that our physical and technical efficiency was not up to par. Do you think Napoli are inferior to Chelsea now? With Napoli we have had fantastic data, but if you play below your level with certain teams you can lose. . If we play at our level in the league you win, maybe even if you go down a little bit in level … Wednesday we missed in many things: last year Liverpool had put us under. “

Will anything change tomorrow?
“We change something in every match. With Chelsea we did not take the same positions we had with Napoli. Tomorrow we will go with the characteristics of those who will play from the beginning”.

Is your mission over with Leao?
“No, it’s not over: he must not be satisfied and I have to expect a lot. There are many situations that he can develop better”.

What spirit did you see in your team?
“We were all disappointed with our performance: it is inevitable that we expect a reaction and a determined test. It will be like this.”

Rebic has Juve in one of his favorite victims …
“Very important for him and for the team; it is clear that he is not yet at 100%, but his condition is improving”.

12:21 | Stefano Pioli’s press conference ends here.

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