Livia Andrade on the display look for the display “Fofocalizando”, and is full of health and health care in social networks


The author has left his followers over

By: Isabella Ellin | march 25 – 07:09 pm

On the evening of Tuesday (24), Livia Andrade pointed out in his profile of Instagram.

The author has posted a record with an outfit chosen by the fans to present their program, “Fofocalizando”, and squandered health in click on banking on the big smile and wearing a red skirt is differentiated, with a top surface as a finishing touch. Well, naked.

In the subtitles, and interact with your followers. “Is it more of an outfit chosen for you for the FofocalizandoNoSbt. Even though I’m really enjoying this game! D And then, or to continue???”.

The publication has reached more than 40 million liked, and he gave several cheers.

“It’s so nice to pick her outfits,” said one follower. “The most beautiful smile in the world,” said a second. “Perfect rest,” wrote another.


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