Lizzo responds to criticism of the music video “Rumors”

Lizzo (Photo: Getty Images)

Lizzo referred to the wave of hate that flooded her after the premiere of the music video for the single “Rumors”. “ People go crazy seeing a fat black woman who is successful and happy, ” she said in a video posted on Instagram.

At the end of last week, Lizzo returned with a new song “Rumors”, recorded in collaboration with Cardi B. The video, in which the three-time Grammy winner was posed as a Greek goddess, was watched by 15 million Internet users in just five days. The undoubted success of the artist was overshadowed by a wave of racist and fatphobic comments suggesting that the singer is the embodiment of the “mammy” stereotype (as defined by Cheryl Thompson for the Hollywood Reporter portal, the term refers to a caricatured depiction of black women as “fluffy and always happy nannies”).

It’s a fatophobia. It’s racism. It hurts – said Lizzo with tears in her eyes in the video published on Instagram. – If you don’t like my music that’s okay. If you don’t like Rumors, fine. But most are not about my work, but about what I look like. I will not accept what you are doing, especially us big black girls who just want to live their lives – she added agitated, announcing that from then on she would be focusing on the positive response of the fans. – I don’t have time for your negative energy, the self-hatred you project on me. Then she recalled music icons that had also fallen victim to racism. – Aretha Franklin has been criticized, Whitney Houston has been booed many times, Beyoncé has also …

The rapper was supported by other stars: Jameela Jamil, Octavia Spencer, Stacey Abrams, Shonda Rhimes and co-author of “Rumors”, Cardi B. – “The song is in the top ten on all platforms. Whether you are skinny or fat, people will always try to make you insecure, ”she wrote on Twitter.

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