Lizzo talks about Beyoncé’s influence on her life and sings “Crazy in Love” at Carpool Karaoke

As Gina Linetti, from the series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, would say, “everyone loves Beyonce“. One of those people who loves the singer from “Break My Soul” It is Lizzo and this is nothing new. In her participation in Carpool Karaoke, the singer spoke about the influence of Queen B in her life and sang “Crazy In Love” with the presenter James Corden.

Lizzo Carpool Karaoke
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Remembering that he named his flute as Sasha Floot, inspired by the alter ego of Beyonceto Sasha Fierce, Lizzo talked about how the singer from “Crazy in Love” It’s a big influence in your life.

“When I was shy, when I didn’t think I was cool, when they teased me… I would listen to Beyoncé in my room and it transported me! I felt something, I felt that my life would be better, that there is hope for me!”said the singer.

“When I dropped out of college, I was really depressed… I listened to ‘B-Day’ over and over. And I sang ‘B-Day’ all the time! And I was like, ‘I’m going to be a singer! I’m going to be a singer!’ The way she makes people feel is how I want to make people feel with music. She is my guiding star,” she added.

Afterwards, the presenter James Corden joked that he would call Beyonce to talk to Lizzo, who never met her personally and never spoke to her. After the scare, the two sang together “Crazy in Love”.

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Big moment in Lizzo’s career

Lizzo is in a very successful moment with his music. The recent single “About Damn Time” has recently reached a new peak in Billboard Hot 100the main stop in the United States, reaching its best position.

Taking the 4th position, now”About Damn Time” is among the singer’s biggest hits, only behind “Good As Hell” (#3) and “Truth Hurts” (#1). Definitely a well-deserved success, as the track is amazing!

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