Lizzo volunteers for a role in the Bodyguard remake. I want to play …

The popular singer decided to facilitate the work of producers who announced a few days ago that they would shoot a new version of the cult movie “Bodyguard”. To spare them the hassle of completing the cast, Lizzo gave them two nominations. She proposed on social media that they entrust the lead roles to her and Chris Evans.

The recently announced news that a remake of the romantic-sensational film “Bodyguard” will be made electrified fans of this iconic film with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. The project is at a very early stage at the moment. According to the website “Variety,” so far it is only known that the script for the new version of this production will be written by Tony-nominated playwright Matthew Lopez and that it will be created at Warner Bros. The most exciting news, namely who will star, has not yet been disclosed, probably decisions have not yet been made. Among the speculations appearing in the American media, the names of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as well as Channing Tatum and Cardi B.

However, there are many more willing to play the role of a famous singer and her bodyguard. In a recent post on TikTok, rapper Lizzo made it clear that she and Chris Evans should get the lead roles in this production. The fact that the singer “chose” this actor as a partner should not come as a surprise to her fans. Lizzo does not hide that she is a huge fan of Evans and has long been conducting a lovely exchange of messages and comments with him on social media. Their online correspondence has already become the subject of jokes, among which the one about Lizzo’s alleged pregnancy and the fact that Evans is the father of the child reigned.

Bodyguard tells the story of a bodyguard and ex-CIA agent Frank Farmer’s romance with a big star, singer Rachel Marron, who is being haunted by a dangerous fan. Will producers recognize that a body-positive rapper would work as Rachel and Chris Evans would be great as Frank Farmer? We’ll find out soon, when the cast of the new production is announced. One thing is for sure – the remake that is currently under construction has a very high bar. The film with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner was a huge box office hit, grossing $ 400 million worldwide. The soundtrack of this production was equally successful, which sold over 45 million copies and is still one of the best-selling albums in the history of cinema. But no wonder, after all, it included such hits as “I Will Always Love You” or “I’m Every Woman”. (PAP Life)

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