Lloret businessman Gustavo Buesa has sold 60% of GBI Services to a French company

Paprec Group, through its Spanish subsidiary of the French waste management specialist, acquired a majority stake (60%) in the company GBI Services, directed by Gustavo Buesa (who is also the owner of the Lloret de Mar Castle, which has just opened). Has happened) a long experience and doors in the form of bars).

Gustavo Buesa is a renowned businessman born in Barcelona (1960) and has settled in Lloret de Mar from a very young age. He was a founding partner of the company Ingenieria de Residuos, SA in 1986. In 1990 they acquired 100% and started a growth plan. He is currently the chairman of the GBI Group, which brings together more than 20 companies that have been serving municipalities, institutions, companies and industries since 1986 in the comprehensive management of municipal and industrial waste and in the design, construction and maintenance of waste spaces. provides. public.

We must remember that GBI Service has 500 employees, and generates an annual turnover of approximately 50 million euros, specialized in the classification and treatment of urban waste, the collection and cleaning of streets and beaches.

With the purchase by the French giant of the majority shares of GBI Services, an alliance has been sealed that marks the arrival of the Paprec group in Catalonia. In fact, this is the fourth acquisition since the group’s arrival in Spain in December 2021, following the establishment of subsidiaries in the Basque Country, Andalusia and Valencia.

Paprec Group currently has 630 employees in our country and a turnover of 60 million euros in Spain. This French company announced that by the end of 2023 the turnover will exceed 100 million euros.

Although the majority of GBI Service’s shares (60%) have been sold, and Gustavo Buesa loses the company’s shareholding, he will continue to lead this Lorient subsidiary as executive chairman of the company, providing services to various communities. Maintains and manages the town hall of the region’s population, and waste treatment centers (Lloret, Platja d’Aro, Calonge, Banyoles, Sant Antoni, Pedret i Marzà). Although waste management is its main business, it also has interests in areas such as real estate, tourism and leisure. Among others, he is a partner of the company that organizes the Cruella Festival in Barcelona, ​​and is the owner of Castell Lloret.

GBI Service is a Lloret de Mar company specialized in urban service for communities, managing 3 TMB type plants and their storage and composting centers with a wide portfolio of urban collection and cleaning contracts in different cities.

The development strategy of the Paprec company in Spain is to gradually acquire contracts offering quality services to companies thanks to its advanced technology to recycle and recover waste. Paprek is valued for its ability to design innovative bespoke solutions.


PAPREC was established in 1994 by the Petithuguanin family. Paprec is currently the leading recycling company in France, which has a very important role in the production of green energy. Paprek Group has 13,000 employees at 300 locations in ten countries. Its turnover in 2022 was 2,500 million euros. Since its creation, the group, majority owned by the Petithuguenin family, has invested 2.5 billion euros in its factories and technical equipment in France.

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