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We are all burdened by the ever increasing expenses to be faced in our daily life. The period of crisis we are experiencing is putting a strain on our resilience capacity, forcing us to make many small sacrifices with the hope that everything will return to being rosy and flourishing.

In this serious situation, the possibility of setting aside a nice nest egg thanks to some rare coins is absolutely not to be underestimated: we are in fact in a moment in which it is vital to monetize to better face the crisis and inflation. In this specific case we are interested in the value of the 2 euro coin with Dante Alighieri, which can reach astronomical sales figures.

The value of 2 euros with Dante Alighieri

It is not easy to understand the value of this coin, it is one € 2.00 coin from 2002 that reports, in the posterior face, the image of Dante Alighieri.

Its peculiarity, however, lies in the many minting errors which are located on both sides. The euro inscription has a bizarre position (the “O” is above the stars); in the map there is a strange line that divides France from Spain. As we know, it is this type of peculiarity that leads the price to rise handsomely.

Furthermore, the 12 stars that are supposed to represent Europe are out of place and the leaves surrounding the head of the great poet are not, as tradition dictates, of laurel. The last peculiarity to which attention must be paid is the presence of numerous lines that pierce the face of Dante. Once you have sifted through all the noteworthy peculiarities it seems to me correct to tell you the value of this coin: it can go up to 25 thousand euros: in a recent auction on the web this was the sales figure. In short, let’s go in search of the rare currency, in the hope of being lucky and being able to live this moment of general economic downturn in peace.

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