Look in the quarantine! Honey, Maya uses the top style, and displays a mark on the audience: ‘Okay, okay’

Honey Maya has a look and style for years. The actress on the Globe, combined with a denim shorts with a tank top to tie-off on the publication on Wednesday (may 25). Friends, you, too, are the little mark is ok in quarantine?’, a joke on the artist’s 15-year video on Instagram

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Mel Maia in the play to show the brand of the bikini in photos of the look posted on Instagram. The actress is in the world has a visual, ‘no’, basic to stay at home on Wednesday night (may 25). The artist, who likes to combine the products with their friends, they chose a short denim dark wash and a top, the green in style. The part with the spaghetti straps, it still had a tie to the front, to enhance and add detail to the most sober.

Mel Maia, it displays the brand’s audience: ‘it’s ok in quarantine?’

The actress of the Globe you’re a fan of natural tan, this is why you are always getting the sun in the swimming pool of his home. At the time, The Maya used the look to show off your brand to the audience, and proved to be a trying to keep the detail while in quarantine voluntarily, for the prevention of coronavirus. “Friends, you, too, are the little mark is ok in a quarantine?”, he questioned her via Instagram, and as a result, he added: “Because it’s my’s!”.

The Web is praised Mel Maia’s photo on Instagram: “She’s a goddess,’

The picture of a Honey Maya has ensured a lot of praise on social networks for the look and style. “She’s a goddess, a girl, a woman in a differentiated,” he cautioned with a user, and the other nodded: “Very pretty and very pretty. His followers stood still, the beauty of the 15-year-old. “The craze to be beautiful, right? Beautiful, princess,” declared a fan, and as a result, the other said: “pretty amazing.”

Honey-Maya, comments about the acceptance of the ‘Fighting every day’

The actress recently revealed to have difficulty accepting the image in the mirror, even with a lot of support, of course, as has been the case in the show’s 1st tattoo. “I’m over the trends, because all the girls love my body, but in the meantime, I am fighting every day to have a blessed life in your own hands,” said the 15-year-old, who ended up dating for almost 1 year, with a team of England’s Watford F. C, Jean-pierre.

Honey, Maya has a hard time coping with the changes of the teenage years

At the same time, The Mayan proved to be the beginning to accept the changes in their bodies due to growth and mid-teens. “By 2019, the year in which I do the more I chateei with my body, because it is the stage in which the body moves, people. It is to be normal. I’m just starting to stop with all these ‘nóias now. I am a more gentle,” said the artist, who, in the sequel, it still took don’t have a problem with understanding some of the changes in the appearance of stretch marks, like this: “the world has a slot and the appearance of cellulite. It is normal for the body of a human being.”

(For Ana Clara Xavier)

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