Lopez got engaged to Affleck. The ring is impressive

Jennifer Lopez got engaged to Ben Affelck. Fans have no doubts and point to a giant diamond on the star’s finger.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they are now in the languages ​​of all media. The star-studded couple first bonded in 2002, even receiving a pseudonym Bennifer. The popular actor proposed to the singer after a year of acquaintance, and on September 12, 2003, a grand wedding was to take place. Unfortunately, the wedding ceremony was canceled just a few hours before it began. The lovers broke up to find each other years later.

Meanwhile, both Affleck and Lopez have tried to build relationships with others, but neither of their relationships has stood the test of time. They both had children – she had twins, Emme and Max, whose father is Marc Anthony, he has three children from Jennifer Garner – Violette, Seraphina and Samuel.

In mid-2021, the media reported that former partners were caught walking together. It was very quickly speculated that the celebrity couple had reunited. To the delight of fans, Jennifer Lopez quickly confirmed these reports. Now the tabloid reports that the lovers are after their engagement.

Jennifer Lopez got engaged to Ben Affleck

The revival of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s romance is booming and now it looks like they’re engaged! The enchanted couple were seen kissing passionately while sailing aboard a St. Tropez to celebrate the 52nd birthday of J.Lo.

A few days later, the star was spotted with a giant diamond ring as she was going out with her lover. Fans are now convinced that the new jewelry could be the engagement ring J.Lo adopted from Affleck on her birthday weekend, as the singer happily flaunted the stunning stone during her romantic getaway.

Earlier this month, sources said New Ideathat Lopez hoped Ben would ask her this question on her birthday. The actor has a habit of gifting his loved one with stunning diamonds. When the couple dated almost two decades ago in 2002, Affleck gave J.Lo an amazing 6 carat pink diamond ring, then worth $ 1.2 million. Today its value is ten times greater.

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