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The Argentine showgirl and the host of Tonight everything is possible pinched with her son Santiago to have lunch in the car

Another flashback, other paparazzi: Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino for some months they have reconnected the plots of love. The two, although they have never officially announced that they are back together, have hinted that there was a return of the flame. Lots of photographic ‘pinched’ photos that surprised them recently as a testimony of the newfound harmony. First they were caught in Milan, then in Franciacorta in a luxury resort, then in Naples, during a romantic boat trip. For the two lovebirds, however, not only starred restaurants and fabulous hotels: in recent days the weekly Vero has immortalized the Argentine showgirl and the Campania presenter to consume a low cost lunch, by car, together with theirs son Santiago.

To escape the lens of the Milanese photographers (obviously unsuccessful as the couple was still immortalized by the paparazzi), Stefano and Belen had lunch in the car, with their son, after having ‘refueled’ in a fast food. Oh yes, even the violets sometimes prefer to eat quick and cheap meals. After lunch, De Martino, as a diligent and respectful citizen, collected the waste, got out of his vehicle and threw everything in the garbage.

Stefano and Belen between love and career: Rodriguez risks the place at Le Iene

On the sentimental side, for Argentina and Amici’s former pupil, everything seems to be going well. Even on the professional side, the couple continues to be very busy and highly sought after. De Martino is now an established TV host. It is even rumored that Rai Uno is thinking of entrusting it with a program after the excellent results it achieved on the second channel of the state TV.

Pure Belen continues to reap successes. On social media it has millions of followers, in the fashion world it continues to be highly sought after by prestigious brands to which it acts as a testimonial and in TV the proposals are not lacking. As for the small screen, however, the South American could soon get a freezing shower. It is whispered that Hyenasfor next season, they could focus on another presenter, not renewing the collaboration with her.

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