LR Vicenza- Virtus Verona 2-1 Italian Cup first round

LR Vicenza (3-5-2) Desplanches; Corradi, Padella (59 ‘Cappelletti), Sandon; Oviszach (77 ‘Valietti), Jimenez, Cataldi (68’ Greco), Scarsella, Begic; Busatto (45 ‘Alessio), Giacomelli (59’ Rolfini). Available Brzan, Grandi, Vescovi, Zonta, Cavion, Dalmonte, Ronaldo, Ferrari, Stoppa, Tonin. Herdsman Francesco Baldini Virtus Verona (3-5-1-1) Siaulys; Munaretti, Cellai, Faedo; Vesentini (77 ‘Hallfredsson), Tronchin (21’ Prior), Turra (64 ‘Lonardi), Santi (64’ Casarotto), Mazzolo; Begheldo; Gomez (64 ‘Danti). Available Sibi, Freddi, Cella, Daffara, Nalini, Sinani, Manfrin, Ruggero, Olivieri, Talarico. Herdsman Luigi Fresco Referee: Gabriele Restaldo of Ivrea, assistants Piazzini of Prato and Sicurello of Seregno, fourth officer Drigo of Portogruaro. Networks: 43 ′ Pan (LRV), 48 ′ Alessio (LRV), 70 ′ Begheldo (VV) Note: corners 4-1 yellow cards Corradi (LRV), Cataldi (LRV), Lonardi (VV) – Recovery 4 ‘and 5’ spectators 625

Second half

90 + 5 Ends 2-1 for the LR Vicenza which thus passes to the sixteenths

90 + 3 Conclusion to the side of the same number 10 after a verticalization by Hallfredsson

90 + 1 Serpentine in Danti’s area, providential intervention by Desplanches on the way out that anticipates the attacker

86 ′ Begheldo tries the right to turn that ends away from the posts

77 ′ Last substitution for the guests: Vesentini comes out, Hallfredsson enters. At the same time in the LR Vicenza Oviszach is replaced by Valietti after being injured

75 ‘Punishment for the red and white: Jimenez forces the goalkeeper to put in a corner

73 ′ Vesentini’s low-level cross for Casorotto who kicks high

70 ′ Virtus Verona goals which shortens the distance with a great conclusion from outside Begheldo after a save on the Oviszach line

68 ′ Greco also enters in place of Cataldi

64 ′ Triple change in the ranks of Virtus: Danti takes the place of Gomez, Casorotto for Santi and Lonardi for Turra

59 ′ Double substitution for the LR Vicenza: Padella comes in Cappelletti and Giacomelli gives way to Rolfini

48 ′ GOOOOLLL OF VICENZA !!!! Doubling of Alessio with a tap in after Giacomelli’s left-handed diagonal that takes the post

Teams in the field for the recovery with a change for the red and white: Alessio in place of Busatto

First half

45 + 4 The first fraction ends with the red and white in advantage of a network

43 ′ GOOOOLLL OF LR VICENZA !!!! Giacomelli’s punishment on the crossbar, the result is a resounding beat and replies with at least three clear chances for Lane and as many saves by Siaulys. Then comes Pan that bags

39 ‘Corner kick for the LR Vicenza: Spizza from Padella towards the far post with the ball that crosses the whole area without anyone touching it and exits by touching the post

32 ′ Oviszach also tries without finding the door

30 ‘Giacomelli’s personal action who jumps a couple of opponents and goes to the shot deflected for a corner

23 ‘Corradi warned for a foul in midfield

21 ′ Begic’s low shot conclusion easy for the goalkeeper

17 ‘Munaretti crosses from the left to Tronchin who collides with Desplanches in high grip committing a foul. To have the worst is the Virtus player who remains on the ground and is forced to go out on a stretcher. In his place comes Prior

15 ‘First quarter of an hour without great emotions

Kick-off at Menti

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