Luciano Hang loses to Felipe Neto for the fifth time and youtuber mocks

Felipe Netoused his Twitter, last Tuesday (9), to make fun of Luciano Hangowner of Havana stores.

That’s because the businessman lost, for the fifth time, a lawsuit in which he accused the youtuber of slander and defamation.

Felipe Neto took the opportunity to publish a video and make a “review” of everything that has happened in the legal dispute so far, from which he has always emerged victorious.

In the end, he even mocked the supporter of Jair Bolsonaro (PL)blowing him a kiss and saying: “If you want the sixth defeat, we are there”.

In the caption, he also left another message for the opponent: “Hi, Luciano Hang. I came to leave this tribute to you, for all Brazilians to see”. “Brazil, can you RT here until you reach Velho da Havan?”, he asked his followers.

Check out Felipe Neto’s tweet to Luciano Hang:


After the police carried out an operation in the house of Filipe Ret in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Felipe Neto decided to speak out on social media. This Tuesday (19), on his Twitter profile, the youtuber took the opportunity to criticize the agents’ stance, mocking the fact that they had “free time” to investigate the singer’s marijuana consumption.

“What they are doing with Filipe Ret is proof that there are a lot of delegates with free time in Rio, enough to set up this bullshit. Apparently, problems in communities and areas dominated by militias are under control. The danger is an artist with marijuana at a party”, tweeted Felipe Neto, outraged by the situation.

The youtuber also posted 4 photos of 4 different artists who consume the drug. Among them, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Snoop Dogg appeared in the images. “According to the police officers responsible for this clowning against Filipe Ret, these are the most dangerous in the world,” said Felipe Neto, referring to the photos.

See the tweet:

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