“Lukashenka has failed.” General Skrzypczak says: All thanks to the Polish services

“Lukashenka’s strategy is in ruins. What he was going to achieve turned into his complete failure. This is Lukashenka’s defeat – what happened on the Polish-Belarusian border thanks to the fact that our Border Guard, our army, our police, by the decision of our government, resolutely defended our border against waves of migrants directed by Lukashenka to our side “

– said the former commander of the Land Forces, when answering the question of Polskie Radio 24, whether we have already had “the most intense period of storms on the Polish border” behind us.

“Lukashenka has compromised himself”

The former deputy defense minister argued that after the operation of defending the Polish border was successful, Alyaksandr Lukashenka “compromised” himself, which does not mean, however, that he will stop “harassing” Polish services on the border.

“It seems that at the moment (Lukashenka) will only try to harass our border to keep our Border Guard, our army, our police ready. he doesn’t have this great potential anymore “

– he said.

He pointed out that “the majority of migrants returned from Belarus to their countries and they are disgusted with what he has done to them”.

When will the migratory pressure end?

When asked when the “harassment tactic” may end and we will have peace on the Polish-Belarusian border, General Skrzypczak said that it depends on the decision of the president of Russia, that is – as he specified – “when Putin achieves his strategic goals, that is, what are his conditions in discussions with the West and the United States”. And a success for Putin would be – as he emphasized – “forcing the West to legalize the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, among other things”.

According to Skrzypczak, “then Putin will suspend, or even forbid Lukashenko from taking any action against any European Union country or NATO country”.

“Putin’s main goal is to force the West and President (USA, Joe) Biden to invite him to the table, so that they would like to talk to him. Because so far (Putin) has had great problems in bringing about any discussion with the West, especially when he started acting against Ukraine. The conditions that he imposes, this terror, is to convince the West that they would like to invite him to the table and talk to him on his terms “

– he assessed.

The attack on Ukraine is real?

When asked if it was possible that Russia would enter Ukraine, the former commander of the Land Forces denied it.

“In my opinion, no, because Russia has no military advantage in the direction of Ukraine, in the direction of the east. And in order to defeat Ukraine (Russia) must have a military advantage, because the potential that he has at the border with Ukraine is not able to defeat the Ukrainian army and take Ukraine. “

– he argued.

In the general’s opinion, such aggression would take place “at the cost of huge losses, and Putin does not want it, because he knows that Ukraine will fight that the Ukrainians are determined.”

“In my opinion, Putin will not decide to take such a step; he wants to achieve political goals, including the matter of Nord Stream 2. And then he will continue to support the smoking volcanoes in Donbas and Lugansk, where the separatists will continue to bind and harass the Ukrainian army with attacks, hunting Ukrainian soldiers “

General Skrzypczak said

On January 10, most likely in Geneva, a meeting of Russian and American diplomats will be held, which will deal with broadly understood security issues. On January 12, a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council is scheduled, and a day later, representatives of Russia will meet with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Source: PAP, niezalezna.pl

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