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The first three points for the Turin in Serie A 2022/2023 they arrive at their debut. At the U-Power Stadium it ends 1-2 for the grenade against Monza. Aleksej Miranchuk and Antonio Sanabria scored. And Ivan Juric expressed all his satisfaction to DAZN’s microphones in the post-match: “I have to congratulate the guys because it has been a very difficult week, we have adapted players outside the role and new arrivals who shouldn’t have played. Deserved victory, we have created a lot: I am very satisfiedhe has declared.


Turin, the words of Juric

From the joy of the goal to the substitution, very little time has passed for Aleksei Miranchuk. The attacking midfielder unlocked the game at the end of the first half and remained in the locker room due to a physical problem: “He has a muscle strain” Juric explained. “Lor felt from the start. He managed to do 45 minutes but he went out for this. “

“There is a lot of work to do – continued the coach – many concepts in the defensive phase which is more particular than others. But the guys have put everything, effort and attention. They have made a great contribution “.


The hot topic, however, inevitably, is that of Sasa Lukic, captain of Torino and not called up for the match against Monza. The granata ds Vagnati also expressed himself on the issue in the pre-match. And Ivan Juric also gave his opinion about it: It is definitely a sensational gesture“. Then we need to understand why a boy who has always behaved well in 6 years makes a similar gesture. The fact remains that it is a serious thing”.

“I’m embittered – he continued – but in general, not only towards him: how can you afford to get to such a situation? However, he is a captain: why did he come to make a gesture of this type? This is my question. Then the gesture remains, it is ugly and sensational. But I know the boyhe’s been here for 6 years, he never raised his voice or said anything. If he does such a thing it is really serious “.


“Now it is less about me and more about the club. Everyone will try to do the best for the club. Lukic’s future? It’s about the company and Sasa“.

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