Luna, 100 thousand spectators are expected for the launch of Artemis 1 – Space & Astronomy

More than 100,000 tourists are expected in Florida who in the next few days will flock to the so-called ‘Space Coast’ (the region that includes both the Kennedy Space Center and the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station) to witness the launch of NASA’s highly anticipated Artemis 1 mission on 29 August , the unmanned test flight that will pave the way for man’s return to the moon. A lot of Italian technology is also on board, the result of the cooperation between the Italian Space Agency (ASI), industry and numerous small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Artemis 1 mission, scheduled to launch from Kennedy Space Center’s platform 39A, will see the giant American Space Launch System (SLS) launch the Orion capsule around the Moon for the first time. Italy is involved in the US program through the important contribution of its industry, starting with Leonardo and Thales Alenia Space, who have created some components of Orion’s ESM (European Service Module), produced on behalf of the Agency European Space (ESA). These are fundamental elements for the future development of the housing module that will allow the crews to face the next journeys into space.

The cubesat of the ASI Argomoon will also fly on Artemis-1: made by the Turin-based Argotec, it is the only European satellite that will go into lunar orbit, a space observer who will film the technologies that will fly on SLS from the outside. On board the rocket there will also be another special load: images, songs and poems inspired by the Moon, sent by schools, hospitals and Italian citizens. An initiative conceived by ASI and strongly supported by its president Giorgio Saccoccia, to bring the thoughts and creativity of those who look to space as a source of inspiration, peace and beauty around the moon.