Luxury car thieves stop at McDonald’s after a theft, police locate and arrest them PHOTO

They have stolen acar luxury worth 500 thousand pounds, but they got caught by police due to a hunger attack, which prompted them to go to McDonald’s after the theft, making themselves stop red-handed. Now the three thieves will have to serve sentences of five to eight years in prison. It happened in Birmingham, in United Kingdom.

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The case

The theft dates back to November 17, 2020. After stealing a half-million-pound luxury car and outmaneuvering the police, Rory Fitzgerald, Harry Beresford and Zachary Shellis decided to drop by McDonald’s drive-thru and order burgers and fries. . A move that cost him dearly. Using the security cameras, the police managed to locate and arrest them in the act of crime, accused of burglary.

The photos in the phones

An examination of their phones revealed some photos taken during the thefts. Further evidence that he helped the investigation nail them down. The court ruling arrived on Friday, which issued three jail orders with sentences ranging from 8 to 5 years. “The full extent of their crime became clear only when we analyzed their phones,” said one of the policemen who reported. worked on the case. The police managed to recover 12 of the cars that the three thieves had stolen, including BMW, VolksWagen and Mercedes. The robbers admitted the charge of car theft and home robbery, which occurred between June 28 and November 16, 2020.

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