Machine Gun Kelly recalls his suicide attempt

Alcohol and drug addiction, the suicide attempt: these are some of the sensitive issues covered in the new documentary dedicated to Machine Gun Kelly, titled “Life in Pink”. In retracing his career and his life, studded with both successes and difficult periods, the 32-year-old singer from Houston recalled the time he wanted to take his own life while he was on the phone with girlfriend Megan Fox.

As told by the artist, the episode happened little after the death of his father in July 2020, while the partner and actress was busy shooting a film in Bulgaria. Of that time, Machine Gun Kelly explained: “I didn’t get out of the room. I started to frown badly. Someone took me paranoia that I thought someone was going to come and kill me.” The singer then recalled that he thus began to sleep keeping a rifle near his bed and, in addition to revealing how he developed the idea of “having to give up drugs” gThanks to the help of Megan Fox and her 12-year-old daughter, he narrated: “Until one day I freaked out. I called Megan and told her, ‘You’re not here for me.’ I freaked out. I put the rifle barrel in my mouth. I was yelling into the phone with the joint in my mouth. While I was loading it, the rifle jammed. There was dead silence on the other end of the phone. That’s when I started understand that something was wrong”.

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