Maggie Grace: 10 things you don’t know about the actress

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The actress Maggie Grace over the years it has built a strong status thanks to the famous TV series in which it has had the opportunity to participate, often in prominent or leading roles. However, she did not fail to act for the big screen too, where she took part in films that allowed her to play alongside well-known actors or with important directors. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Maggie Grace.

Maggie Grace TakenMaggie Grace: Her Movies and TV Series

10. He took part in famous TV series. Thanks to the role of Shannon Rutherford in the famous series Lost (2004-2010), where he starred alongside Evangeline Lilly And Dominic Monaghanthe actress has the opportunity to obtain good notoriety on the small screen, which then leads her to obtain important roles also in series such as Californication (2013) Master of Sex (2015) and Fear the Walking Dead (2018-ongoing). Over the years she has also had the opportunity to participate in some episodes of series such as Cold Case – Unsolved crimes (2004), Oliver Beene (2004), Law & Order – Special Victims Unit (2004) and The Following (2013).

9. He has acted for the big screen. In the career of the actress there is not only television, but over the years she has also taken part in several films for the cinema. Her first notable role is hers in the film The Fog – Killer Fog (2005), to then appear in Suburban Girls (2007), with Alec Baldwin, The Jane Austen club (2007), with Emily Blunt, I will find you (2008), playing Kim alongside the actor Liam Neeson, Innocent lies (2010), with Tom Cruise, The Experiment (2010), with Forest WhitakerAnd The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (2011) e The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012), where he stars alongside Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart. She later reprises her role as Kim in the sequels as well Taken – Revenge (2012) e Taken 3 – The hour of truth (2015). In recent years she has instead starred in The Choice – The Choice (2016), Aftermath – Revenge (2017) e Hurricane – Hurricane warning (2018).

8. He has achieved major awards. Thanks to the famous titles in which she has taken part over the years, the actress has been able to conquer some prestigious awards of the Hollywood industry. Above all there is the Screen Actors Guild Awards won in 2006 for the best cast in a drama series for the series Lost. Also for this series she received a nomination at the Teen Choice Awards for best debut performance. She is then nominated again for the award for best actress in an action film for Taken 3 – The hour of truth.

Maggie Grace is on Instagram

7. Has a personal account. The actress is present on the Instagram social network with a profile followed by 322,000 people. Within this, the actress usually shares personal photos of her taken in moments of leisure, in the company of friends or colleagues. However, there are also images of her that depict her on the sets in which she took part, or promotional photos or videos of her projects as an interpreter.

Maggie Grace: who is her husband

6. She is very private. The actress has always been reluctant to share details of her love or private life. In February 2017, however, she announced that she was officially engaged to Brent Bushnell, CEO of an entertainment company. The two then marry in May of the same year. Finally, through her Instagram profile, she made known her pregnancy, which will lead her to be a mother for the first time.

Maggie Grace Fear The Walking Dead

Maggie Grace in Twilight

5. He had a role in the well-known saga. The actress gets good notoriety by playing the role of Irina, of the Denali clan, a key character in the development of the last two films dedicated to the saga of Twilight. This is a vampire friend of the Cullen family, who will side with them during the final battle.

4. She was particularly drawn to the character. The actress said that for years she had wanted to get a role like that of Irina, to test herself with a completely new character. In fact, the element that most of all attracted the actress is the controversial nature of her character, always poised between good and evil, and therefore difficult to understand at first glance.

Maggie Grace in Taken

3. She exercised for a specific purpose. In the action movie trilogy with Liam Neeson, the actress plays the role of the protagonist’s kidnapped daughter. The character is indicated to be seventeen years old, while at the time of filming of the first film the actress was 26. In order to be realistic as a teenager, Grace was trained by a world-renowned instructor in order to obtain movements that could make her look younger.

Maggie Grace in Fear the Walking Dead

2. She joined the main cast. In 2018, the actress was chosen to play the role of Althea, a journalist who, starting from the fourth season, will come across the protagonist group of the series Fear The Walking Dead, spin-off of the main series related to the world of zombies. Over time, her role becomes more and more central, bringing the actress back to being a well-known face on television.

Maggie Grace: age and height

1. Maggie Grace was born in Columbusin Ohio, United States on September 21, 1983. The actress is 175 centimeters tall overall.

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