“Mam talent”: Who is Maya Wasserman? Agnieszka Chylińska grabbed her head!

There was no such thing in the Saturday casting episode Małgorzata Foremniak (she did not appear on the set for the first time since the beginning of the show, i.e. since 2008). The participants were judged Agnieszka Chylińska (had two votes) i Jan Kliment.

Among the musical heroes of “Mam talent”, a 16-year-old girl stood out Maya Wassermann. The girl quickly picked up the speech of both jurors! Its amazing version Rihanna’s “Love on The Brain”, is one of the highlights of the sixth episode. The audience and jurors were full of admiration for the young singer.

It was especially visible in the reactions of Chylińska, who was impressed by Maja’s musical sensitivity. Jurorka interrupted her performance with a shout of “Yes, it is!”, And at the end she was the first to get up from the jury chair. “Maya, phenomenal, brilliant, just … absolutely!” – the juror had no words and she grabbed her head! “Thanks to you, it will be a beautiful program,” added Chylińska, and Maya moved on to the next stage.

In the comments at the teen’s performance, there are many voices that the girl deserved the Golden Button, which would lead directly to the semi-finals. In total, five such awards may appear in the casting episodes – from three jurors and two presenters.

So far, musical representatives have received the Golden Button in this edition Izabela Demska (from Małgorzata Foremniak), Baczków Orchestra (Jan Kliment) and The White Tigers (Marcin Prokop) and performing bicycle tricks Kamil Kobędzowski (Michał Kempa).

Maya Wasserman made herself known to a wider audience in 2017, when in a duo Maya & Marcel with the song “Tacy sama” she appeared in Polish preselections to Junior Eurovision. Then our representative was chosen Alicja Rega.

Currently, the teenager studies at the British facility of Tring Park School for The Performing Arts, located near London. Among the graduates of this school are, among others Sarah Britghtman and actresses Lily James, Daisy Ridley, Jane Seymour and Julie Andrews.

As a solo artist, the young singer has singles “Silence.” and “Not Only Flowers”.

“Not Only Flowers” is about growing up, maturing, about the changes that we constantly experience and that affect who we are. Because not only flowers bloom in spring “- this is how Maya announced the premiere of the second song.

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