Mangroves as a survival strategy on the shores of the Ciénaga de Mallorca

Euclides Carpio overcame the threat of hunger, pollution and flooding by planting mangroves on the land, which he adapted as a nursery in the lower part of his house, which is located in Corregimiento. barranquilla beach,

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The three situations mentioned above are just a series of problems faced daily by the vulnerable communities who settled years ago in the area around Ciénaga de Mallorca.

Invasion problems lead to too much indiscriminate harvesting. I have 5,000 mangroves in my nursery, because I crashed with Leon Current

And that today they are visible through the megaproject that the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office has been running since last year with the Ecoparc, where 300 billion pesos have been invested to intervene in 1,000 hectares.

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However, in recent years the population has been affected by mangrove death, For example, the Batis Foundation denounces, through EL TIEMPO, that between 2021 and 2022 about 100 hectares are affected.

According to their main hypothesis, the reason for this could be the breaking of some water flow. Added to this are warnings for human intervention, according to accounts from neighbors such as Euclids Carpio.

“There is a lot of indiscriminate felling because of invasion problems. I have 5,000 mangroves in my small nursery, because I had an accident with the Leon stream, which overflowed, weakened and took away the 9,000 mangroves that I had, says Carpio.

Between Entrepreneurship and Home Security

The sector has also introduced mangroves are burningApart from tributary harvesting and overflow, this is the reason why various institutional organizations have joined the community to create ecosystem protection strategies.

Among them is the department’s environmental authority, the Corporation Autónoma Regional del Atlântico (CRA), which records the planting of 73,300 individuals in 2022, working together with about 150 households in the region.

In the case of Euclids, he says he has devoted 25 of his 68 years to mangrove planting, a practice he considers justified, especially in recent times, due to the contamination of the ecosystem and environment. Cause decrease in fishing Before this environmental problem.

“Of what is sold, some buyers are from here and others take it to Cartagena, Santa Marta, Riohacha, wherever they need it. And another part stays with me to keep the balance, so that the birds and many All the fish can come, because fish lay their eggs in the roots of the mangroves and there they protect themselves for a while while they grow and move out into the swamp.” , comments Barranquillero.

They are airtight. secondly it disinfects the water, purifies it

She says the profit she makes from the sale of the mangroves is enough for her support for her family and buy food. On the other hand, it protects your home from the harsh winter.

“They are windbreakers. The second thing is that it disinfects the water, purifies it. The key is love for the nuances. You know nature takes charge of everything. If you do something wrong, you Let’s pay with nature”, explains the man.

Benefits provided by mangroves in the region

Experts in the field favor Euclid’s version in terms of benefits provided by mangrove swamps, because, among other aspects, it is able to absorb dioxide of carbon generated on Earth.

Another great benefit of the mangrove swamp is that it acts as a living barrier against the ravages of the ocean.

This sector is also considered Migratory Bird AirportSince it receives birds from all over the north due to its salinity conditions and high diversity of fauna.

In this ecosystem they have identified species that have been affected, such as the mangrove hummingbird, as being at serious risk due to habitat loss.

At the fish species level, there’s the tarpon. Furthermore, they have seen theater, lazinessRaccoon, fox, fox, spider, crab and blue crab.

The process of maintaining the four species of mangroves

The first thing to do is to collect the seeds at the optimum time. There are some seeds that can be seen and already have a spirit

Thanks to the passion that he gives to this activity on a daily basis, he has been able to maintain in his space four species of mangroves: Zaragoza, red, black and yellow. The first three, as he points out, need salt water for their preservation.

“The first thing is to collect the seed at the optimum time. There are some seeds that are visible and already have vigor in them. One collects them in the swamp and sorts them to be taken to the nursery, they are put in water for four or five days, bags of manure are prepared, produced from the swamp itself”, Citizen explains the process.

Later, as he adds, he sows them and after a maximum of 23 days they begin to burst. reach a height of up to 70 cmBut the “most recommended” is 35 to 40 centimeters in height.

“That height is recommended, because they are already young. They are already old at 50 (centimeters) and above, so care must be taken so that the wind does not move it and the current does not carry it out”, Euclid commented.

Support from institutions and the private sector

In his turn, Jesus Leon Insigniares, director of CRA, highlighted that the corporation has worked with the communities The fishermen of La Playa and Las Flores For the rehabilitation of the Ciénaga de Mallorquín ecosystem. They cater to sustainable planting processes, donations and by-products of compensation.

“In 2022 we celebrate the first International Mangrove Festival in La Playa and, hand in hand with the National Army and International Conservation, we have carried out several cleaning procedures of box culverts that allow fresh water to enter the swamp, essential for balancing . This delicate ecosystem is essential for its survival”, says Adhikari.

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Prominent donors are Technoglass, Celsia, Terra and Grupo Argos.

Similarly, parallel to this campaign has been added the process of cleaning the water resource through Phycorremediation, which started in mid-2022 and has resulted in cleaning of water and its rehabilitation, among other works. mallorquin swampAccording to the insignias.

“This has allowed me to raise and support my family, because the situation here is very bad. The fishing is not like before, which went a lot and in different species. Now to be given this opportunity has been”, acknowledges Euclids.

Like them, there are hundreds of families who saw mangrove planting as an opportunity to move forward. Now, the environment rewards them.

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