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New government food recall: batch of bottled water commonly sold in the supermarket indicted.

The Ministry of Health is back with a new food withdrawal, to safeguard the health of citizens and consumers. The products that we find every day on supermarket shelves are constantly subjected to conformity tests and continuous checks so that they do not have problems of various kinds: unwanted substances, external objects that should not be there, non-compliant levels of substances and more. In the event that the tests are not passed, the product is immediately withdrawn from the supermarket shelves. This time it’s a batch of water bottles.

We are talking about the staphylococcus bacterium, an annoying element, dangerous for the health of some individuals. Precisely for this reason, the Ministry della salute has decided to eliminate from the market the two batches of bottled water in question, a well-known brand that is highly appreciated and consumed throughout Italy, also for its very accessible price and suitable for all budgets, even the most demanding. But let’s find out more about the whole thing.

Contaminated bottled water: the well-known brand

It is a well-known brand of bottled water, which is commonly found in the supermarket and is widely consumed by Italian citizens. It’s the water Guizza Fonte Valle Reale, in the one and a half liter bottle per pack. The batch number is 10lb2202ain the crate of six bottles of water in total.

Non-compliant levels of the bacterium were found staph during some tests in bottled water, always subjected to safety and compliance tests, to ensure the safety and health of citizens who buy the products and place their trust in companies and in the Ministry.

As usual, the advice in these cases is to do not consume the product, in case it has already been purchased previously and to return the package to the point of sale where it was purchased, to be entitled to a refund. The Ministry of Health checks every day the need to withdraw products from the market because they are at risk, to guarantee the safety of citizens and allow them to buy and consume food in total freedom and serenity. If the water in question has already been consumed, there is no need to worry your health is not in imminent danger, but it is still better to avoid consuming a liquid contaminated with staphylococcus, however a bacterium.

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