Mara Maionchi / Those good girls, this is how the idea was born and how the trip went

Mara Maionchi, this is how the idea for the “Those good girls” program was born

A few months ago, Mara MaionchiItalian producer and presenter, had the idea from . Mara said that this idea came to her mind because she only saw young people and it was very nice that it was realized in a practical way with the program “Those good girls”, together with Orietta Berti and Sandra Milo. A fantastic trio made up of Mara’s irony, Orietta’s goodness and Sandra’s dreamy air.

Mara tells in some interviews: “Programs are usually done with beautiful, young, fresh women. And U.S?! Were we killed ?! I had known Orietta well for years, Sandra a little less. But it occurred to me to call them to find out if I was available for such a trip. It is a journey of knowledge for the pleasure of being together with people of my age. We enjoyed it. I hope it happens to others too. It is the joy of carrying our years with great ease, even making fun of us. It is an experience that I would do again with my companions. They are very nice, they are joking, they don’t take offense at my jokes, they even laugh at themselves. And this is very good “.

Mara Maionchi tells Domenica in some details about the program and her travel companions

Mara Maionchi was recently in the studio of Sunday in and told a Mara Venier some details on the program “Those good girls” and her opinion about her two traveling companions: Orietta Berti and Sandra Milo. The manufacturer declares: “We are three girls, we are 246 years in three. It has been a fantastic journey because these three girls are terrific. Orietta Berti, who seems to be the angel of the house, is instead a precise woman, she is a nuisance; she thinks she washes everything she put on the day before going to sleep in the evening. The great thing is that nothing is ever done for her. She finds pleasure in flowers, in birds, everywhere even in situations where she has nothing to do with it. Then a fortune-teller arrived and guessed that a granddaughter was born at Berti, she did not know it yet and she has known it in recent days.

Alla Milo said she was going to find a boyfriend in a dentist’s office and we spent the holiday stopping by at the dental offices. The fun part was we were traveling in a spotted pink van. When we stopped to get off everyone stopped and thought ‘let’s see who gets off’. Then instead we limped down. I don’t know if we will do it again, hopefully if it goes well “. The program appears to be popular on the web even before the release of the first episode, for its irony and for the popularity of the three protagonists; many expect it to be a success and undoubtedly, social networks will soon be full of memes and viral videos.


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