Margot Robbie reveals which movie made her feel ‘a good actress’

Despite having acted so far in about 30 films throughout her career, Margot Robbie said she only realized her talent thanks to one film: Tonya.

It seems almost impossible to believe that an actress like Margot Robbie may doubt his own abilities, yet he is so. She has so far made a strong contribution to the entertainment industry by starring in worthy and award-worthy films, from The Wolf of Wall Street to Bombshell – The voice of the scandal. Pop culture has also re-evaluated her as a perfect one harley quinn in Suicide Squad and will soon also be able to admire her as Barbie in the cinema. But, reflecting on her professional past, Margot Robbie let herself go to an important consideration. The actress said she finally realized she had what it takes for this sector when she was chosen for Tonya.

Margot Robbie has re-evaluated her talent thanks to Tonya

Released in 2017 and directed by Craig Gillespie, Tonya told the story of the ice skater Tonya Harding. Specifically, the film tells of the sports scandal that broke out in 1994 in the United States and Margot Robbie played the ice skater. The actress considered this role crucial for her career and for her own artistic awareness. For the rest of the world there is no doubt: Margot Robbie is a talented actress, to the point of deserving special recognition. She was the first actress, so young, to take home a special BAFTA tribute: A Life in Pictures. She has starred in over 30 films so far and earned two Oscar nominations, but she Margot Robbie realized she could make it with her Tonya. As it reports The Hollywood Reporterhe stressed:

With Tonya for the first time I saw my film and I thought: ‘Ok, I’m a good actress’.

Thanks to that performance and having gained awareness, Margot Robbie thus explained that she felt ready to approach her idols as Quentin Tarantino. Indeed, a few years later, she starred in Once upon a time in… Hollywood interpreting Sharon Tate. A goal achieved that made her extremely happy. And exactly like her character, Margot Robbie also wanted to enjoy the film at the cinema and told a nice anecdote:

I went to the cinema on a random Tuesday afternoon and sat in pretty much the same seat. I had more or less the same experience as Sharon, even when buying the ticket the person on the other side said to me: ‘But you’re in the film’ and I replied ‘I know’.

Soon, however, will come out with Babylon directed by Damine Chazelle and many believe he could earn a third Academy Award nomination for his performance.

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