María León Stole the Glances With a Tiny Lycra Suit

The beautiful singer and actress once again demonstrated her dancing skills by showing off her best moves with a revealing set of strips that barely covered her figure.

The beautiful singer and actress, María León caused a stir on social networks after posting a video on her profile, in which she once again demonstrated her dancing skills by recreating the choreography of “Girl like me”, a song that Shakira did with Black Eye Peas

It should be noted that this clip was uploaded mainly on the Tik Tok platform, however, due to the application’s policies, this recording was reported and removed from her profile, which is why the former member of the Playa Limbo group returned it to post on your Instagram wall.

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It is well known that the interpreter of “My name came out” is one of the most complete artists in the Mexican entertainment industry, because not only is she a singer, she is also a talented dancer, renowned composer, and successful actress, with which He has shown that he is capable of representing any type of artistic activity.

From time to time, her digital platforms are the medium she uses to showcase her incredible creative abilities, frequently posting videos of her best moves to the beat of the music, like the one we’ll see below.

Through her personal account on the camera’s social network, María León shared a small fragment of a clip that she recorded herself, with which she drew the attention of millions of users, since, in addition to dazzling with her agile wiggles, she also overwhelmed everyone with the small set of clothes she wore, which almost perfectly simulated the outfit that Shakira wore in the official video of the song.

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This video was a success on Facebook’s sister platform since it managed to add more than a million and a half views so far, but that was not all considering that some of his well-known companions of the show such as Sebastián Rulli, Flavio Medina, and Erika de la Rosa reacted positively to the recording.

Similarly, the winner of the program “Who is the mask?” She posted the video on her Twitter profile, where the Colombian singer-songwriter retweeted her publication, as she found the mini-presentation that León performed to perfection amazing.

Obviously, this fact did not go unnoticed by the beautiful Guadalajara- born singer, who almost immediately shared a screenshot of that unforgettable moment.

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