Mario De Roque became the hero of SD Eiji with a double in extra time

Mario De Roque with the ball at his feet. Photo: Tony Torano / SD Ejia.

SD Ageea lost in the first leg against AD Almudevar. Because of this, the Valentine team had the difficult task of coming back from the match and going to the final stage of the playoffs for promotion to the second federation. The players were fully aware of the importance of the match. For his part, Eddie Almudevar intended to win the match so as not to be in trouble and advance to the next round.

SD Egeia scored 1-0 and the game went into extra time

The match started in the best possible way for SD Igea’s interests. Alex Puertas scored from the penalty spot for the home side to take the lead. With this result, the tie became a tie. Both the teams tried to score goals in every possible way that could give them an advantage in this hectic encounter.

However, neither of them could score in their favor and the match went into extra time. At this point, Mario De Roque’s moment arrived. The nineteen-year-old striker saved the best for last. De Roque managed to score two to zero in the one hundred and sixth minute of the game. The SD Ejea fans were cheering and hoping that the minutes would pass quickly for the referee to signal the end of the match.

There was one more goal left before the end of the match. In fact, As luck would have it, the authorship of the punishing goal was also the work of Mario De Roque. The young footballer lived a magical day and thanks to his double, SD Ejia has overcome the complicated tie against Eddie Almudevar and will be in the final round of the playoffs. Once the end was announced, SD Ejea fans were in celebration and wanted to share it with their players. The Valentine team only needs to cross the final hurdle to become the second Federation team.

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