Marvel was making fun of Downey Jr. before the MCU was born. Those were strong words

For all MCU fans Robert Downey Jr., the on-screen Iron Man, has already become a cult character – there is no doubt that the actor has had a huge impact on the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the last 12 years. Hardly anyone remembers today that before he joined the project, the House of Ideas in his comics allowed himself to make any biting remarks towards it. And that’s twice.

Recall that at the beginning of the 21st century, Downey Jr. it was full of all sorts of ups and downs: to all, his drug problems and arrests by the police, for example for drunk driving, were reported. Inevitably, the role of Iron Man and its widespread reception became an opportunity for the actor to redeem past offenses and build a completely new image in the eyes of the audience.

It does not change the fact that the star’s previous problems were an open secret; The news about them was so wide-ranging that the creators of Marvel comics found their inspiration. And so in the notebook Spider-Man: Gets Kraven in 2002, the title villain made his way to Hollywood and decided to make his own movie. In one of the scenes, two producers argue over a mysterious actress; one of them says he knows she has a drug problem and needs to “clean up” as soon as possible. The words are then spoken:

You have to detox her faster than I can say the words: Robert Downey Jr. it is not insurable!

But that’s not the end. In a notebook Ultimates # 3 from 2003 (its scriptwriter is famous Mark MillarNick Fury and Captain America talk about the broken nose of the first. Fury then says:

Take it easy, Captain! That nose has been smashed more times than Robert Downey Jr.!

Spider-Man: Gets Kraven - the game board

Ultimates # 3 - the board

Although both jokes were on the verge of good taste, if we only take into account the actor’s problems at the time, reality added another, unexpected chapter to them. In late 2003, Downey Jr. successfully dealt with the drug problem. 3 years later Jon Favreau decided to give him the role of Iron Man; although this decision was extremely risky, we all know exactly what it led to.

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