Marvel’s Avengers: The Quick Time Events Will Be Few, Says Crystal Dynamics

Marvel's Avengers

The developers of Marvel’s Avengers have guaranteed that in the game there will be few quick time events: the materials shown at E3 2019 included them because it was the initial phase of the campaign.

Marvel’s Avengers will make very moderate use of the quick time events, the Crystal Dynamics developers assured, underlining how the E3 2019 demo included several of them just because it was taken from the initial part of the campaign.

” QTE is much more numerous in sequences seen in Los Angeles than in the rest of the game because it is an introductory phase,” explained director Noah Hughes. “We used quick time events as part of a tutorial for the players.”

“So when we see Thor hitting the introductory level, we’re actually presenting you with the attack button heavy, “Hughes continued.” In general, there will be a few moments when you have to make the commitment of the characters or things in-game. ”

” However, this is not the core gameplay, but an expedient that we will not use often. (…) I think they are like any other game design tool: we tried to do our best to create a certain kind of experience, and we want players to be able to use them to their advantage. ”

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