Maryla Rodowicz wants to record a song with Mat and confessed to him. “He doesn’t speak at all”

Maryla Rodowicz has dozens of hits and interesting musical duets to her credit. The singer sang, among others with Czesław Niemen, Marek Grechuta, Helena Vondrackova, Karel Gott, Seweryn Krajewski, Magda Umer, Edyta Górniak, Beata Kozidrak, the famous Beans from Mr. Tik Taka, as well as Piotr Kupicha from the band Feel or the Big Cyc group. It also aroused considerable interest when, after the premiere of the film “The Birth of a Star”, together with the young Dawid Kwiatkowski, she sang, among others, hit “Shallow”, for which Lady Gaga won an Oscar.

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Maryla Rodowicz loves Mata

Recently, Maryla Rodowicz also recorded a song together with Cleo, which became famous thanks to the hit “My Słowianie”. On the occasion of the premiere of their joint music video to combine the songs “Next” and “Neon”, the artists gave an interview to radio Eska. During this conversation, Queen Maryla was asked about which young artist she would like to create a project with. Here she had no doubts:

Mat. I like him. He knows it, I confessed my love to him.

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What was the reaction of the young rapper, who recently breaks records in album sales, the number of songs played in streaming, the number of tickets sold for the concert and was the first Polish musician to be on the Billboard charts? He must have been shocked because, as Maryla Rodowicz revealed, Mata “did not speak at all”. But young Matczak is not the only rapper who caught the attention of the legendary artist. As she said herself:

I also like Young Leosia very much. This is completely different writing. This is still text, but different. Another imagination goes to other nooks and crannies.

Young Leosia was born in 1998 and started her career as a DJ. She made her debut in 2020 with the single “Wyspa”, after which she released “I fell in love, but you broke up”. These songs did not attract the attention of the audience, but that changed when Leosia recorded “ULALA” together with Żabson, Beteo and Borucci – the song gained popularity and made it to the charts of Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

Maryla RodowiczTVP is working on a documentary about Maryla Rodowicz. The same creators as from Krawczyk

However, it was really loud about Young Leosi in 2021, when she released her “Glasses”, which reached the top of the Polish list on Spotify and Apple Music.

Żabson directed the music video for the song according to his script, and the clip currently has 25 million views on YouTube. Young Leosia, unlike Maryla Rodowicz, has already had the opportunity to work with Mata – she played the main role in the music video for his song “Kiss cam (pick-up of the year)”.

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