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Chandler at Friends he has always been left by his companions (until he fell in love with Monica). Matthew Perry exactly the opposite. He is the one who left them all. He told it himself in his autobiography which is about to be released, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing. Out in early November. The one where you ask why friends like River Phoenix are dead and Keanu Reeves is still alive. He apologised, but by now the damage was done. Today it’s up to the advances on his love life. Where he tells stories with divas of the caliber of Julia Roberts And Cameron Diaz.

All the loves of Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry loved and downloaded them. All. Listen to what the Friends actor tells about his stories with Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz… Photo Ansa

Why Matthew Perry has left all his girlfriends

Matthew Perry says he broke off almost all of his relationships due to personal insecurities. “I’m leaving them because I’m mortally afraid that they’ll find out that I’m not enough, that I don’t count for anything and that I’m too needy, that they’ll leave me,” says the actor. “That’s why I broke up with these wonderful women who crossed my path.”

The story ended badly with Julia Roberts

But who is it referring to? Who are these 10 «women on the face of the earth: I would kill to be married to them», but have they now moved on with their lives? Matthew Perry doesn’t name them all. But taking a look at his love life, you come across many famous names. His most famous partner is Julia Roberts. And in the book, the actor says that he was the one who wanted to end the relationship.

Julia Roberts, the queen of romantic comedies (and not only) turns 55

They had met on the set of Friends. And he had conquered her with a treatise on quantum physics. The story seemed to be progressing well. In his autobiography Matthew Perry tells of having spent a fantastic New Year’s Eve with her in Taos, New Mexico, in 1995. A day that he wishes he could “relive over and over again”. But a little later it was all over. “We were traveling by car being chased by the paparazzi,” he explained. “And I told her: ‘I want to leave you.’ Because I thought you wanted to go downtown and have some fun with the TV guy. And then the TV guy left her. And you know the reason I did it was just out of fear. I needed to escape.”

“Dating Julia Roberts was too much for me. I was convinced that she was going to dump me at any moment. So, I’d better dump her first. This was all fear based and probably stupid. But that’s what I did.”

Cameron Diaz punch

In his book the protagonist of Friends he also told a curious fact. Her secret date with Cameron Diaz. Finished badly. According to what he writes, the two dated shortly after the separation of the actress from Justin Timberlakewhich took place in 2007. Only that, at dinner with a group of friends, “she was stoned and not at all interested in me”.

But the worst was yet to come. Because during the evening, during a game of Pictionary, after a joke from Perry, Diaz hit him in the face. He wanted to aim for the shoulder, but he missed.

Matthew Perry’s Last Love

The actor’s sentimental misfortunes have continued over the years. Perry, 53, was most recently in a relationship with the literary manager Molly Hurwitz. Thirty years his junior, she was the woman she planned to walk down the aisle. But after the fateful proposal, made in November 2020, less than a year later the two had broken up.


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