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Even on the day of August Matteo Salvini stay alert at work and keep an eye on the polls. The last one created by the Demopolis Institute, directed by Pietro Vento, is particularly favorable to Leaguewhich in the last two weeks has gained a round point and has risen to 15.2%. On the other hand, Salvini is pushing in the electoral campaign, with the “Credo” initiative which has been a trend topic for hours after its launch.

“Long live the great family of the League – commented the secretary – who grows, who recognizes and who smiles, in the face of those who want us badly. I believe it”. A little more than 40 days before the elections on 25 September, it still is Giorgia Melons to guide the voting intentions: Fratelli d’Italia is currently the first party in the Demopolis poll with 24.3%, followed by the Democratic Party of Enrico Read, which instead is given at 22.8%. Third place for the League, while the 5 Star Movement continues to lose contact: it is recorded at 10.6%, at home Joseph With you there is the terror of falling below the double digit.

As for the so-called third pole, represented by Charles Calenda, at the moment it is worth 5.3%. The alliance made up of the Greens and the Italian Left is doing well: it is 4.1%, +1 compared to two weeks ago. Obviously these figures are an indication, but everything can be overturned in the polls: the picture will be clearer by the end of August, given that these are still polls conducted “under the umbrella” and therefore not entirely reliable.

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