Matthew Perry: «That’s why I ended his story with Julia Roberts»

Perhaps not everyone remembers it, but there was a period, between 1995 and 1996, in which Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts have been a couple. To make us take this leap in time was the protagonist of Friends who, in the biography of him coming out of the title Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thingunveiled some details about this relationship lasted just two months.

The first approach between the two occurred for purely business reasons: the actress, at the time, had shown interest in acting in an episode of the series, only if her character had any kind of connection with that of Chandler. Like this, at the request of Friends creator Marta KauffmanPerry began courting his colleague by sending her a bouquet of roses, accompanied by a quite explicit note about his intentions: “The only thing more exciting than you appearing on the show is that I finally have an excuse to send you flowers.”

The cast of Friends in 2001

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Others followed bouquets of flowers, numerous faxes and even a physics essay with which Roberts, in a sort of final test, wanted to test the actor’s true intentions before giving his green light, not only to his participation in Friends, but also at the beginning of a relationship with him. And things actually went well at least for a while: when the episode was recorded, the two were already together and, indeed, promised to be one of the hit couple from the 90s.

Instead, a few months later the story had already been largely archived. Matthew Perry said that it was he who broke: «Julia Roberts was too much for me. I was obsessed with the idea that he would leave me. I wasn’t enough for her, I was practically impossible to love. So instead of dealing with the inevitable agony of losing her, I broke». A decision that the actress did not expect so much that, as Perry recalled, she looked at him all the time quizzically as if it were a joke.

Reading this excerpt from his book, it seems that, even after many years, the interpreter of Friends has more than a few regrets for this choice and, looking at what happened, it is not difficult to understand why.

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