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Insults against him Giorgia Meloni they don’t pay and so John Elkann is forced to deal with the sales crisis of Republic. Precisely for this – lets know Dagospia – the entrepreneur CEO of Exor and president of Ferrari and Stellantis would be thinking of replacing Maurizio Molinari. The target? Appoint director Massimo Giannini. A decision that would have seen the administrator of the Gedi Group, Maurizio Scanavino, to brake. According to what reported by Dago, Scanavino would have replied: “But wouldn’t it be better to sell the newspaper?”.

A proposal has already been made: “Danilo Iervolino he had come forward, but he recoiled in front of the requested amount. “On the other hand, the entrepreneur has already bought L’Espresso. Already in recent days the attacks on the leader of the Brothers of Italy appeared in the newspaper had not been liked by the president of Gedi, an editorial group of Republic. Several voices made Elkann quite nervous, so much so that he pulled the manager’s ears.

And copies are affected. According to Ads data, in June 2022 the Molinari management guaranteed a circulation, between paper and digital, of 134 thousand copies. A downward figure given that we read a -15 percent compared to the previous year. In addition to copies, Republic it has seen several “changes of jacket” with the advent of Molinari. Among these that of Gad Lernerwhich left in total disagreement with the new ownership: “I forced myself to wait, not to make hasty choices, although the message contained in the unannounced dismissal of Carlo Verdelli – he wrote on his Facebook profile, announcing his decision and explaining his reasons – Apart from that gesture, the new owner decided to expose the industrial and journalistic project undertaken only for vague hints. But in the meantime, in a few weeks, Repubblica has already changed. I don’t recognize her anymore. ”

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