Maxi loss of 12 billion for the German group Uniper after the Russian gas cut. But from October, customers will pay

The German energy group Uniper sinks on the stock exchange after the spread of half-year data that mark a loss of 12 billion euros. Half of the red (6.5 billion) is attributable to the strong cuts in supplies decided by Russia, of which the group is one of the main customers. Having to supply German companies and families, the group is forced to find on the market the gas it no longer receives from Moscow. But with the current prices the costs for the company explode. Management said the group is located “On the verge of bankruptcy”. In theory Uniper cannot recharge higher costs on contracts with customers who have a fixed price for a certain period.

To this end, however, he intervened the German government by approving a derogation which, starting next October, will allow operators to download up to 90% of the increases on customers. This measure is estimated to have an average cost of 500 euros per family. Other losses for Uniper derive from the stop at Nord Stream 2, pipeline connecting Russia and Germany with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year and, at the moment, frozen. Berlin had already moved to the rescue of the group in recent months by allocating 15 billion euros and providing for the entry into the capital with a share of up to 30%.

Meanwhile, Germany continues the work of filling of the storage areas in view of the winter. The facilities are 77% full capacity, the same level as the Italian ones. It is a high figure, a couple of weeks ahead of usual values. However today Klaus Mueller, president of the Federal Network Agency, explained that even with full reserves Germany could withstand a maximum of 3 months in the event of a total stop of Russian supplies.

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