Mc Livinho plays showing what Justin Bieber would be like in Brazil

Viçosa, May 20, by Luiza Martins for Prime Diary – The singer Mc Livinho joked on video talking about Justin bieber. He showed what the Brazilian version of the song by the American singer would be like. The fans went crazy.

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However, Mc Livinho sang showing how the Brazilian version of Justin bieber. In video he makes a version with the lyrics in Portuguese of one of the songs of the other singer. However, in the publication, which took place through the social networks of the Kondzillawere more than 280 thousand likes.

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In this way, in the comments the fans went crazy with the voice of funker. A large part of the followers praised the voice and the tuning of the ex-football player. So there were even some people who asked him to record.

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However, the singer would certainly make the song a new hit. That way, fans have already approved the snippet he posted. Will there be one Brazilian version? The reality is that music Justin Bieber Peaches it is already successful.

The Canadian’s hit has already reached more than 520 million views on YouTube. Music is everywhere. running through Tik Tok, Instagram and other social networks. However, the question that remains among fans is whether Livinho will enjoy the fame of the song.

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Mc Livinho gives up football

The singer Mc Livinho, some time ago, he decided to switch from music to a football career. Thus, during the process he passed through three football teams. However, his longest stay was in the last one, São Caetano.

by the team, the former player even played a few games. However, he left after the end of the season. Soon, the player still regretted not having scored. According to him, he would like to dedicate one to his grandmother who always encouraged the boy to play.

Livinho / Photo: Reproduction Globo Esporte
Livinho / Photo: Reproduction Globo Esporte

However, now the singer is back in music. The fans are waiting to know what will be the new hit of the funker. So, if it depends on requests on Instagram, it would be a version of the song by Justin bieber.

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