McLaren for PLN 2 million smashed against the lighthouse in Otwock. A famous rally driver was driving

In Otwock, at ul. Kraszewski, on Saturday around noon, there was a dangerous looking accident. The McLaren 720s hit the lantern with such force that it broke in two. Local media reported that while the incident looked very serious, fortunately no one was injured.

The McLaren hit the lantern with such force that one of the wheels fell off. Two fire brigades took part in removing the consequences of the incident: volunteers from Otwock-Jabłonna and JRG Otwock, and the police.

Polsat News informs that the cause of the accident was supposed to be a slip. Firemen from the Volunteer Fire Department in Jabłonna published photos on social media showing the effects of the incident. The view is really dramatic, so people in the car can talk about happiness.

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As reported by, a novice rallycross driver, 18-year-old Oliwier Dobrowolski, was behind the wheel. “The son is devastated by the situation,” said Oliir’s father, Piotr Dobrowolski, also a driver of this motorsport discipline. They both compete successfully in the Polish rallycross championship.

“One of the best rallycross drivers was driving. Three times on the podium in the 2021 season of the Polish Championship. Speed ​​according to GPS 55 km / h. Slippery. What happened? Most likely, rear skid and hitting the curb with the front right wheel. Then hit the lantern. (…). The McLaren 720S is wild. Even the best driver can sometimes fail to cope with it, ”wrote Piotr Dobrowolski.

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Source Polsat News; facebook

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