Me and my dog

The talent of Channing Tatum doubles, in front of and behind the camera for the film Me and Luluin the room from May 12.

A road movie that is a gift at his missing little dog recently, with a strange couple traveling to the United States. The actor plays Briggsa soldier back from the war with a concussion and then discharged from the service. The only way to quit the odd jobs and go overseas to take up arms right now is to bring Lulua dog wounded on the battlefield, al funeral of his comrade-in-arms, Sergeant Nogales.

Coexistence turns out to be a disaster across the board, because the distrust it is mutual. It is not known in fact which of the two is more nasty and aggressive. The days together, the kilometers together on the pick-up and the misadventures which they encounter, however, reveal to both how similar they are.

A voyage physical, of course, but above all in search of oneself, which passes through the compromisethe acceptance of one’s limits, the sense of lost and the mourning.

The actor / director said he didn’t want to do the usual weepy drama but wanted to alternate comedy and tragedy with dignity. Mission accomplished. And, after the box office success of the hilarious action The Lost City with Sandra Bullock, Channing doesn’t miss a beat.

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