Mediaset Infinity, what to watch in streaming in December 2022: from Fantaghirò to Incastrati

TO December streamed on Mediaset Infinity the appointment continues with the main programs broadcast unencrypted by the Mediaset channels from Big Brother to Amici with exclusive clips, images and episodes to catch up on demand. During the month of Christmas, the free platform will make some classic titles available to the public such as Fantaghirò, the epic cult fantasy saga with Alessandra Martines and fiction with Maria Amelia Monti and Gerry Scotti. But there will also be free streaming in parallel with Canale 5 Get stuck the first series of Ficarra and Picone made for Netflix.

Mediaset Infinity is the platform on which to review, free of charge, all the content of the Mediaset channels unencrypted thanks to on demand with programmes, clips but also episodes of fiction and TV series and a selection of films broadcast on TV. And speaking of fiction in December on Mediaset Infinity you can see some classics such as the saga of Fantaghirò and the comedy of Maria Amelia Monti and Gerry Scotti with Finally Alone.

The series also end during the month With Heaven’s Help, the Franco-Belgian crime story with a young police captain who finds himself collaborating with a seminarian in search of the truth about his past; And Passport to Freedom Brazilian miniseries on the true story of Aracy de Carvalho. In December, on December 7 and 8, Canale 5 should broadcast Get stuck the first season of the Netflix series by Ficarra and Picone but in addition to live streaming it is difficult for the series to end up also on demand. Also in December from the 28th the second season of Sissi should arrive but the date is still to be confirmed.

Until 10 December on Italia 1 the night broadcast of the last season of Batwoman but the episodes broadcast on TV remain available for free only for a few days after being broadcast. Finally, in December the traditional appointments of the Mediaset channels continue, from Big Brother Vip to afternoon soaps, episodes of entertainment and in-depth programs from Quarto Grado to Amici.

The channel Infinity+, paid section of the Mediaset world, has a cost of €7.99 per month with the formula “exit when you want” which allows you to block your subscription at any time. As every month, titles arrive for hire and available for a week at no additional cost. The novelty of the month from 2 to 8 December is Harry Potter 20th Anniversary – Return to Hogwarts the reunion created to celebrate 20 years of the first Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, together with the other interpreters and directors of the saga, return to Hogwarts to tell anecdotes and memories related to the film series.

In the following 15 days, Infinity+ gives away to the little ones DC League of Super Petscartoon with in the center Crypto Superdog who has the same powers as Superman and fights crime alongside him. When Superman and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto tries to get other pets to rescue the heroes. From December 23rd to January 5th, Elvis, the biopic on the king of rock, is back.

In the month of December 2022 there is no shortage of news arriving on the various paid channels on Mediaset Infinity:

  • Lionsgate+ (offer with activation and 30-day trial) new name of STARZPLAY (base cost €4.99 per month): the French series with Jean Reno arrives from December 15th What we didn’t say, the story of a daughter who at three days from the wedding she discovers that her father is dead and she is given an android that has all the memories of her father but after 7 days it will shut down. The “robot” pushes her on a trip to Europe that will make her rediscover the joy of living and the love of a “father”.
  • Midnight Factory (€4.99/month 7 days free between November 11 and 28 with the 30 days free promo): The Ring 2 from December 25
  • Juventus TV (€3.99/month 7 days free, between 11 and 28 November with the 30 days free promo): behind the scenes, interviews and the team’s goals and Juventus Female matches in the league and Champions League, especially on 7 December Arsenal-Juventus.
  • mgm extension (€3.99/month 7 days free, between 11 and 28 November with the promo 30 days free): among the titles of the month The Neverending Story.
  • Moonbug Kids (3.99 €/month 7 days free, between 11 and 28 November with the promo 30 days free) among the new features of the channel for the little ones comes Cocomelon centered on little JJ and his siblings have fun adventures every day through nursery rhymes, games, exploration and learning, facing situations that every pre-school age child can relate to.
  • Crime+Investigation (3.99 €/month 7 days free, between 11 and 28 November with the promo 30 days free): the docuseries arrives Crimes: Criminal Families, stories of ordinary families suddenly turned upside down by criminal events.
  • history play (€3.99/month 7 days free, between 11 and 28 November with the promo 30 days free): arrives The cunning ones of the Quartierino, the story of the financial rise of Gianpiero Fiorani and associates up to the well-known legal events that involved them.

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