Megan Fox calls Kelly’s Machine Gun ‘silly’

Megan Fox

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Megan Fox

Megan Fox calls Kelly’s Machine Gun ‘silly’

The “Until Death” star admitted having several nicknames for her boyfriend, whose real name is Colson Baker. Even so, she refused to explain why she called her partner one way and no other.

She said, “I call him” hunk “,” buddha “,” silly “. There are many nicknames. ”

The beautiful brunette who is bisexual has previously admitted that she would like to go out with Angelina Jolie. Now she confessed that she was not backing down from her confession and added that her partner would “hold out” if she did.

When asked in an interview with Fox 5 New York about her crush on Angelina and MGK’s potential reaction, she replied: “I think I said so a few years ago. I think he could withstand this situation. ”

“I said that I think ten years ago, but I still stick to it.”

The couple started dating last year, and the 31-year-old rapper previously confessed that he only found out what love is when he met Megan, who has three sons – Noah (8), Bodhi (7) and Journey. a (4 years) – together with Brian Austin Green.

He said, “I only found out what love is when our eyes met. Then I thought to myself, “Wow.” After I prepared most of the album [‘Tickets to My Downfall’]I fell in love for the first time. It was the first time that I opened up to love and things like that. I did not believe that such a thing could exist. My house isn’t fenced so that’s the only problem. Everyone knows where I live, so it was weird when I was living my normal life and suddenly every day paparazzi wandered outside my house. “

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