Megan Fox doesn’t drink alcohol since she caused the gala scandal …

The Hollywood actress revealed what prompted her to give up drinking alcohol. Megan Fox admitted that she made the decision to abstain after getting drunk with champagne at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards and gave several discrediting interviews.

Megan Fox has accepted an invitation from the YouTube channel Who What Wears to talk about the most memorable styles she has worn throughout her career. Among the outfits she discussed was the dress she donned at the 2009 Golden Globe gala. However, it was not the fashion thread in the context of this event that could be remembered by the audience.

“I was seated with Blake Lively and the three Jonas brothers. At the Golden Globes, there are always huge bottles of Moët & Chandon champagne on the tables. I drank quite a few glasses then, ”recalled Fox. As a result, she gave some chaotic and offensive interviews in the red interview. “I don’t drink now, that’s why. I was in a lot of trouble because of what I said during this event, ”she says.

The actress then stated, among other things, that she looks like a transsexual and that “she feels so insecure that she is about to throw up”. And when asked why her then-fiancé, Brian Austin Green, was not accompanying her to the ceremony, she replied that he could not bear the thought of being in her shadow at the event.

There is an opinion in the film industry that no great gala has such a relaxed atmosphere as at the Golden Globes. This was demonstrated by Tim Robbins, who in 2004, receiving the night’s first prize, the Golden Globe for Supporting Role in “River of Secrets,” said, “The best thing about the early season in my category is that I can now drink.” (PAP Life)

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