Meghan Markle and Prince Dian or more than you might think. Spencer wanted to conquer Hollywood

Stewart Pearce, Princess Diana’s voice coach, told DailyMail that Prince Charles’s wife planned to move to California a few months before her death. This is where her lover, Dodi Fayed, had his mansion. The man was a producer and he infected Diana with his passion, which could be realized in the States.

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Princess Diana was planning a career in Hollywood

Speech therapist and voice coach Stewart Pearce, who worked with Princess Diana on the manner and quality of her speech, on the 24th anniversary of her death revealed the topic of one of his conversations with Spencer. It took place a few days before her death. Diana asked him if she would have a chance as a film producer. She showed a lot of interest in the subject, and she shared her thoughts with Pearc.

One of the options that came to her mind was about making documentaries. She planned to spend a lot of time in Hollywood. She began to discover her creative powers, admitted Pearce.

According to his observations, Diana, together with Harry and William, was to go to the USA, and more precisely to California, where her lover, film producer Dodi Fayed, had a house. It was he who probably influenced Diana’s interest in the subject, because he had been associated with this profession for many years. Unfortunately, the couple’s plans were interrupted on August 31, 1997 when they both died in a car accident.

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Apparently, Diana got offers to star in the movies, but did not even consider them. However, they were the driving force behind action in Hollywood. She felt she had quite a few friends who could help her. Pearce adds that Diana was friends with Oscar-winning film producer David Puttnam. The man helped her make valuable connections in the direction in which she wanted to develop.

David advised her on the people she was supposed to contact in the fall of 1997, but unfortunately these meetings did not take place, the voice coach at DailyMail said.

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Pearce believes that Diana would really have a good chance of achieving her goal. She has never proved successful in the role of a producer, but had the gift of convincing people to her visions and being easy in making contacts. Just like Meghan Markle, who, before joining the royal family, was spinning among Hollywood cream. The choice of Meg and Harry’s place of residence is also not unrelated – this is California dreamed by Diana.

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