Meghan Markle enjoys this dish roundly! It contains only three ingredients and is easy to digest

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Meghan Markle does not refuse to consume carbohydrates. Pasta is her great love, and Darren McGrady, the former royal chef, spoke about the Duchess’ specific preferences. In 2018, Prince Harry’s wife revealed a recipe for a vegetarian version of Bolognese sauce. You must meet him!

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Meghan Markle revealed the recipe for her favorite pasta sauce. It is extremely creamy

The Duchess gave an interview to, thanks to which we can learn the recipe for an extremely creamy sauce. It turns out that we only need three ingredients to prepare this unusual dish. The key to success is the slow cooking of the zucchini, which should be kept on the fire for four to five hours until the vegetable is very soft. What exactly does the recipe look like?

Heat the oil over medium heat at the bottom of a large, thick-bottomed pot. Add one diced onion and sauté it until soft. Add five sliced ​​medium zucchini, salt, pour over everything with 120 milliliters of water and add the stock cube (if you prefer a bit “healthier”, pour the same amount of broth instead of water and stock cube). Season with pepper, cover with a lid and let it “sprinkle” over low heat until the zucchini crumbles and turns creamy. This can take up to several hours according to the recipe from The zucchini must be stirred from time to time so that it does not burn.

When the sauce is ready, cook the pasta (rigatoni is best!). Drain but leave a little water to add to the sauce along with the pasta. Combine everything and serve – sprinkle with the juice of freshly squeezed lemons, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and red pepper.

Meghan in an interview with admitted that she learned the recipe thanks to her friend. At first, she did not believe that simple ingredients could become such a feast for the palate. Additionally, an extremely important advantage of the Duchess’s favorite dish is its low calorific value. Although the sauce is extremely creamy, we don’t use a ton of butter or other fat to make it.

The sauce turns so creamy you’d swear there’s a lot of butter and oil in it, but it’s just zucchini, water and a little broth, Meghan said.

Did Markle’s recipe and enthusiasm for zucchini sauce convince you to make it at home?

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