Meghan Markle Intends to React to Accusations of Harassment!

Once again, Meghan Markle intrigues Internet users. But do not panic, the pretty brunette will react to the accusations of harassment.

The Web is in danger of getting agitated once. And for good reason, Meghan Markle intends to react to the accusations of harassment.


It’s no secret that between Meghan Markle and her in-laws there are tensions. Indeed, the young woman would never have managed to integrate into the British Crown. Ouch!

Thus, Prince Harry and the latter have decided to leave their royal duties. Today, Meghan Markle and her small family life in the United States. Yes, just that!

Thousands of kilometers away, the tensions could have calmed down. And yet, a terrible interview then sows confusion. It must be said that the royal couple really did not do things by halves and Queen Elizabeth II really saw red.

Indeed, Meghan Markle addressed the issues of harassment, suicide, or racism. She left nothing to chance and then threw big scoops. To the delight of very curious Internet users, therefore.

And yet, the birth of little Lilibet could well calm things down. Indeed, the young mother did not hesitate to send photos of the infant to her in-laws. Moreover, Kate Middleton then seems impatient to meet her niece. So cute!

Even if the tensions may well subside, Meghan Markle will soon return to the accusations of harassment. Indeed, she then seems ready, to tell the truth.


A few months ago, Meghan Markle found herself at the heart of a terrible controversy. In fact, on March 3, the Times claimed that an assistant to the Duchess had lodged a complaint against the latter for intimidation.

It is actually Jason Knauf, former secretary of communication for the royal couple. He then said that Meghan Markle had “driven two assistants from the house and undermined the confidence of a third staff member.”

In short, Archie and Lilibet’s mom finds herself accused of “emotional cruelty” by two Royal Family staff. And for good reason, the young woman would not have hesitated to humiliate them. Ouch!

Moreover, Harry then begged the latter not to follow up on his accusations. But in the face of all this, Meghan Markle decided to speak out about it.

The Mirror media then said: “At least 10 former members of Kensington Palace are lining up to help an independent investigation set up following the intimidation allegations. “

A source close to the couple was then expressed on this subject to this same media. He then confessed: “Meghan is adamant. The staff weren’t up to the job and couldn’t take the pressure to work for her. And not understanding how she wanted things to go. “

But do not panic, the survey will be published this Wednesday, June 23  in the annual report of sovereign subsidies. And one thing is certain, Meghan Markle has not finished being talked about. To be continued.

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