Meghan Markle: Prince Harry Victim of an Attack at the Airport?

Back in England, Prince Harry was targeted by an incident. Find out now what Meghan Markle’s husband escaped!

He narrowly escaped it! By taking a plane this Friday to go to London, Prince Harry escaped the worst. Meghan Markle’s husband has indeed come close to an accident


After making the round trip to the United Kingdom a few months ago for his grandfather’s funeral, Prince Harry is back home again.

This time, Meghan Markle’s spouse made the trip to honor her mother’s memory. Indeed, a ceremony must be held soon to celebrate the birthday of the late Princess Diana.

She would indeed have been 60 years old on July 1, 2021. On this occasion, a statue of her will be unveiled that day in the White Garden of Kensington Palace.

A ceremony which will therefore attend the husband of Meghan Markle, even if he still seems cold with the rest of his family. The latter made the trip alone.

Once again, the actress of “Suits” did not make the trip. She gave birth less than a month ago to their baby girl, Lilibet Diana. This is why she preferred to stay in Los Angeles with their children.

Prince Harry will therefore have the opportunity to meet face to face with members of his family. And no one knows how that is likely to happen. Because the tensions remain alive.

The royal family remains indeed still hurt by the words that Harry could have made towards her. We remember the explosive statements of Archie and Lilibet Diana’s father to his family during his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

If the Queen and others have so far been keen to save appearances, nothing says that Meghan Markle’s husband has been fully forgiven. Things are therefore not yet settled.


In summary, Prince Harry’s stay in the United Kingdom is still likely to take place intense mode. Especially since he has just escaped an attack that occurred at the end of the week. 

Indeed, while he was preparing to board the plane that was to take him to England on Thursday, Harry saw a strange incident take place.

In a car marked “SOS”, a man drove straight into a fence at the Los Angeles airport. Fortunately, the police managed to stop the driver after a chase! 

At the moment, no one knows if this mad car attack was aimed at Meghan Markle’s husband. But the event is serious enough to be taken seriously. 

According to CBSLA, the incident would represent “the airport’s worst security breach in decades.”  Nevertheless, after these few scary minutes, the plane in which Prince Harry was traveling ended up landing as planned in London. More fear than harm then!

Prince William’s brother has been in solitary confinement since his arrival. He is currently observing a five-day quarantine at Frogmore Cottage. Yes, no privilege for the spouse of Meghan Markle

The question now remains how the prince will behave with his family during the reunion.

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