Meghan Markle showed a photo of little Lilibet ?! She did it by accident!

Meghan Markle is 40 years old. On this occasion, she decided to record a video with Mellissa McCarthy. The Duchess has not appeared in public since the birth of her daughter Lilibet Diana. On the occasion of her jubilee, she decided to help women in need.

It turned out, however, that the fans were interested in something else. During one shot, the camera shows items placed on Meghan Markle’s desk. There were also photos among them! There are several photos of children in the golden frames.

Although the photos are not clear, Internet users have no doubt that one of them is Harry kissing the head of a baby. Royal fans speculate that this is the first photo of Diana’s Lilibet born on June 2!

The image of the child is still carefully guarded, and Meghan and Harry have not decided to show their daughter. No wonder that every mention of the youngest great-granddaughter Elizabeth II causes such a great sensation!

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