Meghan Markle showed her real face! Shocking what happened after the birth of Lilibet!

Meghan Markle certainly belongs to the most hated people in the royal family.

More revelations about her disastrous relationship come to light, including with Princess Kate or William, but that’s not all.

It turns out that Harry’s wife also fell under the skin of Princess Beatrice, the daughter of Prince Andrzej and Sarah Ferguson.

It is all the more surprising that in the times before Megxit it was said that Meghan got along very well with princesses Eugenia and Beatrice.

However, this is a thing of the past. It started with Eugenia’s wedding, during which Markle suddenly decided to announce that she was pregnant.

This information may have effectively distracted the bride, which was considered Meghan’s big mishap.

Recently, Beatrice also got under her skin, all because of the birth of little Lilibet.

As reported by “New Idea”, Princess Beatrice, who is pregnant herself, has for several years informed that she would like to name her daughter Lily after her beloved grandmother.

Meghan and Harry, however, beat her and gave their second child that name.

As the newspaper informant adds, Beatrice fell into a frenzy when she found out about it.

“She cried when she found out that they chose the name Lili. Everyone knew that she herself planned to name her daughter Lily after her grandmother,” says New Idea.

Well, apparently Meghan said that maybe she was exaggerating a bit, that’s why she recently sent a photo of little Lila to the royal family, which apparently made the “royals” very happy …


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