Meghan Markle took offense at Michelle Obama. He will not invite her to his project

Meghan Markle
Author: Archewell / Ferrari Press / East News

Meghan Markle still cannot forgive Barack and Michelle Obama for not, along with Prince Harry, being on the guest list of the party the presidential couple organized in August to celebrate Barack Obama’s 60th birthday. The Duchess’s grief towards the former First Lady is so great that she has decided not to involve her from her latest project.

After leaving London Meghan Markle and Prince Harry clearly model themselves in their actions on Barack Obama and his wife. After the end of the second term, the former president, along with Michelle, became involved in various Netflix and Spotify projects and began to speak at business meetings. The couple also released books with memories, and today they are still a highly regarded “power couple” in the States. The Sussexs are very much alike today.

Barack Obama DIDN’T INVITE Meghan and Harry to their birthday party? The Clooney, Beyonce …

It is also no secret that after living in the USA Meghan Markle and Prince Harry they had ambitions to be among the local creamers. The Sussex and Obamas had known each other well before and it seemed they would stay in close contact. So the couple were very surprised when they did not receive an invitation to their 60th birthday in August Barack Obama – instead they had fun at the party Beyonce and Jay-Z if Chrissy Teigen and John Legend


Meghan Markle disappointed

As reported by foreign media, Meghan Markle is so disappointed by the lack of an invitation to that event that she has completely lost the desire to keep in touch with the Obamas. Wife Prince Harry recently she was planning to invite Michelle Obama to the animated series project, which he is implementing with Netflix, but after the last humiliation … he intends to give it up.

As we read, in place Michelle Obama Meghan Markle plans to invite his good friend and neighbor, Oprah Winfrey. It was she who conducted a high-profile interview with the Sussexs in the spring and allowed them to voice all their charges against the royal family aloud. Meghan has no doubts that he can trust her.

Did you expect that it would be so easy to fall out of her favor?

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