Meghan Markle will be in trouble? Co-workers broke the silence

Meghan Markle arouses extreme emotions since she became involved with Prince Harry. Some people love her for being natural – we all remember her beautiful wedding dresses and sparing makeup, for which she was praised by portals all over the world. Others accuse it of being false and hypocritical. The Duchess of Sussex felt sorry for her life in the royal family from the very beginning. She gave interviews in which she spoke directly about the hardships of life in the British monarchy. Recently, unknown circumstances have come to light, which put Meghan Markle in a completely different light …

The whole truth about Meghan Markle. Co-workers broke the silence

Foreign media reports that Meghan Markle was not so much a victim of life in the royal family, but a manipulator who wanted to put herself in the role of a victim at all costs. Former employees spare no words of criticism at the controversial Duchess of Sussex, extracting previously unknown information. According to the “Page Six” website, the palace workers were aware of the difficulties of working in the royal family, but the cooperation with the Duchess of Sussex was extremely unsuccessful.

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Dawn Neesom, former editor of the Daily Star, revealed in an interview with The Post:

Any form of bullying would be viewed as completely inappropriate. Working for the royal family is not an ordinary job, or even a career. It’s a lifestyle, “she added.

According to foreign informants, Meghan Markle could not cope with emotions from the beginning and reacted very impulsively to her employees. Jason Knauf, adviser to Princess Kate and Prince William, revealed in an interview with the Times of London:

The way she treated them was absolutely unacceptable. The Duchess of Sussex seems to be anxious to always have someone in the crosshairs. He intimidates the person with “X” and tries to undermine his self-confidence at all costs. We received further reports from people who witnessed unacceptable behavior towards the victim. “X”“Said Knauf.

According to the website’s informants, Meghan Markle was not able to withstand the pressure that lay on her. All her unprofessional behavior was boosted by an explosive character and a desire to win the favor of the royal family at all costs. The press announces that the Duchess of Sussex should prepare in the near future for numerous lawsuits from her former associates, because reports on her treatment of former associates continue to persist. “The Mirror” says:

Palace employees are complaining about Meghan Markle. She was supposed to mistreat the servants

This is not the first time that a Duchess has mistreated employees. Meghan Markle cannot count on the help of Princess Kate, who has witnessed ill-treatment of employees by the Duchess of Sussex for the first time. According to the Daily Mail, Prince William’s wife was upset by the way she treated her associates. She also added that she should not address them in such a disrespectful manner.

According to the foreign “The Sun”, another controversial situation took place just before the wedding of the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan Markle, during the fitting of a wedding dress in May 2018, was to make Princess Kate cry, talking about her demands for a bridesmaid dress – Princess Charlotte. In March this year. Prince Harry’s wife denied the denunciations of the press, reassuring in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that “it was exactly the opposite.”

“I’m not saying this to slander anyone, the wedding week was really tough. A few days before her wedding, (Kate) got upset about something, but apologized. Apologizing, she brought me flowers and a note. She did what I would do, if I hurt someone, she took responsibility for it“- she told the journalist.

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