Meghan Markle’s brother hits his sister: he will ruin Harry’s life

Meghan Markle’s relationship with her family is not the easiest one. The Duchess of Sussex has for years not been in contact with her father Thomas Markle and her two older siblings – Thomas Junior and Sister Samantha. However, this does not prevent them from regularly speaking about her in the media, on the contrary – both the actress’s father and her siblings will not miss the opportunity to criticize her in public. It happened this time as well.

Thomas Markle Jr. insults Meghan Markle: it’s shallow

The stepbrother of the Duchess, Thomas Markle Jr. became the stars of the latest edition of the Australian “Big Brother”. A man who gained recognition thanks to unflattering opinions about the famous sister, and this time did not miss the opportunity to scold the duchess.

I am the brother of Meghan Markle. I told Prince Harry that he was going to ruin his life. It is very shallow

– he said shortly after arriving at the house of “Big Brother”.

The man had already slandered Meghan Markle in the media, and a few days before her wedding with Harry, he wrote an open letter to him, persuading the prince to cancel the ceremony. It’s obvious that Meghan Markle is not the right woman for you. The closer to the wedding, the clearer it becomes that this will be the biggest mistake in the history of royal weddings, Thomas Markle Jr. thundered in a letter to Harry.

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