Meghan Markle’s confession: “Before dating Harry, no one treated me as a” black woman “”

Meghan Markle released the second installment of his podcast Archetypesjumped to the top of Spotify’s charts following the debut episode with Serena Williams. This time the Duchess had as a guest Mariah Careyand with her he addressed the delicate issue of racism. Both Markle and the singer talked about theirs experience as biracial women. Mariah said that during her youth she moved many times: “Whether my mother chose black or white neighborhoods, I couldn’t fit anywhere.”

“Yes, I understand you,” echoed Meghan. What then she said: «Once they asked to Halle Berry to talk about her experience as a biracial woman. She explained: “Your experience in the world depends on how people see you. Because I have dark skin, I am treated like a black woman, not a mixed race woman ”. Markle then added: “I think it’s very different for us, because we have fair skin. They don’t treat you like a black woman, they don’t treat you like a white woman. Stay in the middle“. For Meghan, however, at a certain point everything changed. It happened in 2016 when she started dating Prince Harry: “If there is a moment in my life when I have focused more on my race, it is when I started dating my husband. Only then did I understand what it means to be treated like a black womanWhy up until that point I had been treated like a biracial woman. Things have really changed ».

It is certainly not the first time that Meghan Markle speaks publicly of racism. A couple of years ago a video from 2012 appeared on the Net in which the future Duchess of Sussex, then actress of Suitsspoke without filters of what it meant to her to be daughter of an African American woman, Doria Ragland, and of a white man, Thomas Markle: «I’m biracial. Many people fail to understand where I am from, and I have spent most of my life there feeling like a fly on the wall. Some of the insults I’ve heard, some of the most offensive jokes, some nicknames, hit me hard. ” And again: «I am very proud of my origins, on both sides. I am very proud of where I come from and where I am going. But I hope that in the future, when I have children, people can be more open: things are changing and having a mixed world is all that matters. Certainly, the mixture makes it more beautiful and more interesting ».

Much more recently, in 2021, during theshock interview granted with Prince Harry to Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess accused even the royal family of racism, declaring: “When I was pregnant with Archie, someone at court wondered how much it would be dark his skin“. L’identity of the person responsible of the alleged statement it was never revealed but from that charge, according to the updated version of Finding Freedom, the royal family did not go out well at all: “The Shadows of Racism they have threatened the reputation of the British royal family around the world“.

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