Meghan Markle’s father accused Oprah Winfrey of taking advantage of his son-in-law

Thomas Markle gave an interview that was supposed to – just like the interview with Meghan and Harry – to show what the truth is. Meanwhile, he showed that public statements are not his strongest point. Meghan’s father stated in it that the famous TV presenter “used a very weakened man” to promote his new TV ventures. And this weakened man would be none other than his son-in-law.

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Thomas Markle’s appearance in the online program “60 Minutes” will certainly receive wide media coverage, but not necessarily for reasons that Meghan’s father would expect. The story was supposed to evoke sympathy, but it caused rather embarrassment.

Thomas Markle tried with this interview to emotionally blackmail his daughter with his allegedly terrible state of health, and above all with the fact that if nothing changes, he may never see his grandchildren again. Two-year-old Archie and Lilibet, who was born on June 4.

Why? Because on July 18 he will be 77 years old and therefore he is convinced that he will die soon. “Most of the men in the Markle family are under 80,” he said.

Meghan Markle’s father also revealed that he had not spoken to his daughter since she married Prince Harry three years ago. According to him, the fault lies with Meghan: he treats him worse than “a murderer with an ax”. And he has repeatedly apologized to her for selling confidential information about her life to the tabloids.

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Meghan Markle’s father believes that the famous interview of the princely couple with Oprah Winfrey in March this year took place because the famous presenter had her own interest in it.

“I think she used them to build her network of new programs, and I think it was she used a very weakened man and made him say things that he just shouldn’t say on TV “ – He said.

Thomas Markle also calculated that Meghan, Harry and their children live 70 miles (about 112 km) from his home, and yet they did not invite him to their home. “Of course it hurts, there are murderers in jail with an ax, and their family comes to see them anyway,” he told 60 Minutes in a TV interview. I added that he will be very disappointed if he does not embrace his baby granddaughter before he dies.

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And while the story of a broken father’s heart was probably meant to evoke sympathy, it is hard to resist the impression that these regrets are another attempt to manipulate public opinion and the daughter. When asked by host Tom Steinfort if he still loved his daughter, he replied “of course he did,” but noted that he had no idea if the feeling was mutual.


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